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>Hi Danny,

Hi Renzo.

>As you can see from my logo, this version of Sally is 035 Beta. Ted sent me 
>a copy because I could do the tests before a possible publication.
>Responding to your question, for the moment Sally support AGWPE, BPQ and 
>Telnet because Ted G8NPF is working hard to re-create the old program, whose 
>source files were gone almost all lost.
>When the program will be at the top of its functionality, then it will be 
>possible, perhaps, can hope to expand its performance.

Cool !
I;m now using TsThost in dosbox or TsTHwin in windows.
But sally is a nice program to.

>I invite you to join the Group of Sally, even if you were not, on Yahoo!

i will take a look at it.
did not know about a sally yahoo group.

>Frase del giorno:
>SBADIGLIO: Un parere onesto apertamente espresso.
>73 Ciao a tutti Renzo.

                   PA2SNK te Sneek/Snits (Friesland)73 de PA2SNK PA2SNK

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