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Hi Paula and the Pirates,

Neither could I afford a decent radio and didn't have much luck with crystal 
sets having two powerful stations in the area, one 5KW and the other 50KW so 
they clobbered all else. Some of the kids from the poor side of town were 
using car radios scrounged from the local scrap yard, I tried a few and the 
1956 Buick Sonomatic worked best, better still when connected to the 50' wire 
I strung up for the crystal sets. Tube/valve heaters and vibrators can't tell 
AC from DC so I powered it with the filament winding of a TV power 
transformer, later I eliminated the vibrator since it was AC to begin with. 
Those old radios were sensitive and selective, perfect for DXing around the 
AM broadcast band since they had to receive distant stations on a whip 
antenna and separate them, today AM is an afterthought and radios suck.

Like I hinted at in another bull, BBC-1 didn't kill the pirates nor did the 
RA or Ofcom, pirate radio is alive and well underground. Tune around, you 
just might find one.

Ah, those military surplus stores! We had an Army/Navy store nearby back in 
the day but the REAL honey hole was Cortland Street in lower Manhattan's 
financial district, the general area of the Twin Towers that replaced what we 
fondly remember as Radio Row. We bowed to Empire being the landmark of our 
Mecca that could be seen for miles, drool, pant pant, drool.
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73 de Warren

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