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Hi folks,

Many young people listened to the radioships on the Northsea too. I remember
along the British coast

Radio Scotland
Radio 270
Radio 390
Radio 355 (was Britain Radio)
Radio 227 (was Swinging Radio England and Radio Dolfijn)
Radio 270 (was Radio Such and Radio City)
Radio Caroline North
Radio Caroline South
Big L Radio London.

Most of them transmitted from 1964 till August 1967, some under different

and along the Dutch coast.
Radio Veronica (1960 - 1974)

and later on
Radio Northsea International (1970 - 1974)
Radio Capital
Radio Monique / Radio Seagull (from the Caroline South ship Mi Amigo and
                               later Ross Rrevenge)

At the end of the 50's Radio Mercur, Radio Nord and Radio Sud were
transmitting on VHF FM to Sweden and Denmark. Radio Caroline took over 2 of
the ships. Other radioships were Radio Hauraki in New Sealand and not to
forget the Peace ship from Abi Nathan in the Mediterranean. I have never heard

As a 14 year young boy in November 1966 I discovered Radio Dolfijn with good
music. The official Dutch radio was boring and the Radio Veronica signal in my
area too weak. Veronica was on the air since april 1960. In february 1967 I
got my own transistorradio from my uncle. That was the really start for me to
listen to the radioships. In june 1967 I switched to Big L Radio London and it
was a sad day when on 2 pm The Final Hour began and on 3 pm the announcement
"Big L time is three o'clock and Radio London is now closing down" came from
the speaker. On "the day the music died", August 14th 1967, most of the
British off-shore radiostations had to close down because of the Marine
offences act.

The BBC Lightprogramm was transmitted by the longwavetransmitter on 200 kHz
(1500 m) and a number of mediumwave transmitters on 1214 kHz (247 m). "Pick of
the pops" was nearly the only populair programm on it. On October 1st 1967
BBC Radio One started transmissions on 1214 kHz to fill the gap after the
closedown of the radiostations on the Northsea.

I tuned to Radio Veronica because I had reception improved with a wire
antenna and by retuning the radio of my parents. That old radio could not
receive the frequencies above 1550 kHz because of a tuning mistake.

Seven years later, on August 31st 1974, also Radio Veronica and Radio Northsea
International had to close down because of changes in the Dutch law. Years
later Radio Monique from Belgium came on the air for a few years.

Veronica became an official broadcaster in 1975 and went commercial again in
the 90's and is still on the air.

In the summer a few years ago, on the low power mediumwavetransmitters of
BBC Radio Essex, there was a week with looking back to that time under the
name Pirate Radio Essex. I have listened to it with a quarterwave wire antenna
over the dry ground and had reception of the programms. Only the 400 kW
747 kHz transmitter of Dutch Radio 5 gave some problems.

All as far I can remember from my brain. In know it's not complete, hi!

73 from The Netherlands

Wim, PA3AKK, born in autumn 1952.

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