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Hi Wim and the awakened,

Dayum, I see a reawakening of packet and it is good! That's quite a list of 
pirates (AAARRR) and several sound familiar besides the big boys that became 
world famous. Word DOES get around even when radio waves don't, I never heard 
a single one of the Europirates... darn. The only pirate ship I ever heard 
was the only American I ever heard of anchored off the coast of Long Island, 
NY a few kilometres east of "The City". They had several shortwave outlets 
but I was in the skip zone and for some odd reason I couldn't hear the 10KW 
MW outlet although I SHOULD have been within range. I DID however hear the 
VHF FM outlet weakly so OK, I heard the pirate ship but too much white noise 
for regular listening. I heard their sister station in Brooklyn, NY quite 
well, the AM side had a wire strung between apartment buildings for an 
antenna but whatever they had for the FM side came in perfectly in Elizabeth, 
NJ where I lived at the time so I was a regular listener. Once in a while I'd 
call Johnny Lightning (now Saturdays on WBCQ and in another bull) on the 
telephone for a brief chat, toll calls rack up minutes quickly and get 
expensive before you know it.

"All as far I can remember from my brain. In know it's not complete, hi!"
What's not complete, remembering or your brain? (;->) Don't mind me, I'm not 
a complete idiot, some parts are missing.
              _/ '=(0.0)=' \_
            /`   .='|m|'=.   `\
            \________________ /
       / /6|__\// a (__)-\\\\
       \ \/--`((   ._\   ,)))
       /  \\  ))\  -==-  (O)(
      /    )\((((\   .  /)))))
     /  _.' /  __(`~~~~`)__
    //"\\,-'-"`   `~~~~\\~~`"-.
   //  /`"              `      `\

             _==|   )__)  |
               )_)  )___) ))
              )___) )____))_)
         _    )____)_____))__)\
  ^^^^^^^^^\   oo oo oo oo     /~~^^^^^^^
    ~^^^^ ~~~~^^~~~~^^~~^^~~~~~
      ~~^^      ~^^~     ~^~ ~^ ~^
           ~^~~        ~~~^^~

Now before I forget again, disguising a pirate ship as a sailing ship is 
easy. Amateur marine mobiles do it all the time using the backstays as HF 
antennas. Hmmm.. I mean AAARRR!!!

73 de Warren

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