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	 I think packet radio for USERS will be on the way out, unless
someone comes up with a 32 bit Packet User program.
  	 Perhaps the die hards like myself will keep packet going on an old XP
and a few doing emulation from 64 bit Win7. But as these fade away and
some although interested. Most now only have 32 bit Win7 or Win8 laptops,
so there will be no new packet users coming on unless they can Telnet with
a suitable program like Winpac.
	Winpac in Auto Mode is just like an FBB BBs and stores down loaded
headers, incoming messages etc combined with Icon  alerts and displays!.
		Manual operation to a BBS ie(r 1234 etc) is just not on.
	In fact now I am sure there are more BBS's than users as evidenced by the
bulletin listings each day.  In VK2 we have about 5 users only, some of
whom do not do a daily full listing of bulletin headers and some who just
use the mail system?
        With all the bright packet hams overseas, it is quite a wonder
that a new Winpac 32 bit or equivalent has not appeared?
	 A new alternative to FBB appeared but is totally incompatible with
Winpac in its auto mode, having wasted hours with just about every option
available!  So I will stay with packet and Winpac on FBB  BBS's until the
old XP computer dies.

73 - Dave, VK2AWZ @ VK@ZRT

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