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  Paula G8PZ wrote in a bulletin :-

> Am I right in assuming Winpack is a 16 bit program?
> Yet people are able to run it on XP so what's the problem?
> If it runs on XP, why shouldn't it run on Vista in XP compatibility mode?
> G8PZT @ GB7PZT   

  Hi Paula, and any others reading along.

  You are correct, Winpack is a 16 bit program. I run it very
  successfully on Windoze XP too.

  I also run it on Windoze Vista and it runs very well indeed, but I do
  not run it in XP compatibility mode, I find I have no need to.

  I have 2 laptop PCs, one running Winsloth 7 and t'other Wincrap 8 and
  I'm trying to get used to OutPost to run those as Winpack is a no no.
  But OutPosts scripting system is a bit beyond me at this moment

  Regards and....
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