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Hi Paula anna alla,

Yes, Winpack is a 16 bit program that runs fine on Win XP but you don't 
understand the root cause of why it barfs on Vista: Vista. Never mind 
compatibility mode, it's not that Winpack is incompatible with Vista, Vista 
is incompatible with most everything including itself. When it comes to OSs 
it's the worst disaster Micro$oft ever created.

You're a software developer so you should be familiar with the number one law 
of engineering and product development; What looks good on paper shalt not 
work in practice without sacrifice. Thy sacrifice shall be a hair offering 
burnt on the Altar of Frustration sending a sweet smoke up to the Lord, his 
name is Murphy.

Too bad software is a collection of magnetic domains spaced in ordered 
succession, if it were hardware you could always fix it by giving it a good 

Here's the hint of the ages: If you want it to work right the first time and 
every time write it for Linux.

73 de Warren

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