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Hi All Winpackers.

My name is Frank.
My age 86 years old.
Use Windows 7 Home Premium. 32 bit
Have been able to install Winpack on all windows I used.
I do not brag!!!!!
If I could tell you how to intall Winpack in Windows 7 Home Premium I
would do so. My age lets me down to remember all.
I managed it by try and error.
I had a copy of Winpack V6.80 on a disc when I was using XP and or Vista.
By using this to install in 7 was no good.
I removed all in regards of Winpack.
I downloaded Winpack from R.Barker web-side and started the PC in SAFE
MODE and was able to install Winpack.
From then on I used SAFE MODE to use Winpack. 
What happened after that I cannot remember but I have it running in normal
mode with no troubles.
I expect you Winpackers a bit more polite and don't accuse me of bragging
or anything else that shows you have bad manners.
I try to help but my age is not very helpful especially after heart
So, there it is and use your own determination to get it going.

Have FUN.


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