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Subj: ISA I/O card pin out..
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From Harry M1BYT @ GB7FCR.#16.GBR.EU

Stand peering in at an empty 8 Bit ISA card slot on a motherboard, via the gap
where the metal bracket goes on the case......

I       I Ground
I       I Clock Osc.
I       I +5V           
Several pins
missed out
in the middle
I       I Ground
I       I +12V
I       I Card SelectD
I       I -12v
I       I DRQ 2
I       I -5V
I       I IRQ2
I       I +5V
I       I Reset DRV
I       I Ground
Metal End Bracket

You should be able to confirm you are looking at it the right way, by looking
at the power supply rails on any ISA card. These will likely be thicker than
the data & other tracks leading to the card edge connector.

Why Don't U send an Interesting Bul?>

73 de John G8MNY @ GB7CIP

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